Pet Links / Articles

Under each topic listed below we have assembled a list of articles and links to other websites where you can get more information.

How to Take Care of Your Pet
Lots of practical articles on how to take care of you dog, cat, hampster, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, rabbit, and more. Includes information on poison food, plants, and summer care.

Coping with the Death of Your Pet
Should I get another pet? Will my other pets grieve? What can I do for my child? What can I do to help cope? Understand how you grieve and find ways to cope with your loss.

Pets and Travel
Everything you need to know from finding a sitter to taking your pet with you.

Pet-Friendly Housing
How to find housing where your pet is welcome.

Allergic to Pets?
For many, the benefits of animal companionship outweigh the drawbacks of pet allergies. Following these guidelines can help you coexist with your pet, even if you have allergies.

Training Tips
Tips on training your pet.

Selecting a New Pet
Selecting the right type of pet for you, where to find it, and what you need to know before bringing it home.

Local Recources

Pet Friendly Places in the Sout Bay
Dog parks, Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Hikes and more where you can bring your pet.

Rescue Centers in the South Bay
Search local shelters for the pet that is just right for you.